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In the past 5 years, the SC SBDC network has helped

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the startup of 900+ new ventures.
$308 million in capital formation.
secure more than $167 million
in government contracts.


Small Business Optimism Hits Record High, Gaining Momentum from Vaccines and Adapted Pandemic Operations

  • Eight in 10 business owners have encouraged or required employees to be vaccinated; 78% estimate a majority of their employees have complied

  • Higher employee vaccination rates linked to more optimistic outlook for small businesses

  • Nearly three quarters (71%) expect sales to increase in the next 6 months, while 58% anticipate increased profits

  • More than half (54%) expect to raise prices in the next six months; more than a third (36%) expect hikes of 5% or more

Business owners are feeling optimistic about the near-term future of their businesses amid increasing vaccination rates, and those who report that more than three-quarters of their workforce has been vaccinated are the most positive about their business outlook. This includes expectations for higher demand, sales and profits than companies reporting a lower rate of employee vaccination, according to PNC's semi-annual national small business survey, which concluded Aug. 31.

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Get to Know Our Clients
Jarod Stukes_Stukes Dynasty Transportation_option 1.jpeg

Making "MOVES" for You

With over 19 years of experience in the transportation, logistics and retail management management fields, Jarod Stukes started Stukes Dynasty Transportation, LLC(SDT) to help people and businesses in his community reduce waste, conserve energy energy and prevent pollution. The company, which offers junk and debris removal as well as pick-up and delivery services, opened for business in October of 2020 and has already seen impressive growth in its first year.

Stukes, a US Army veteran, had 15 years of experience moving valuable cargo over thousands of miles in Iraq—what he lacked was the background knowledge necessary to kickstart a new business.Having formerly attempted to start a business by himself, Stukes decided to take a different approach by contacting the SC SBDC for help. Fortunately, Sumter Area SBDC Business Consultant Catherine Blumberg was ready to step in and provide her new client with much-needed guidance.

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