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In the past 5 years, the SC SBDC network has helped

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the startup of 900+ new ventures.
$308 million in capital formation.
secure more than $167 million
in government contracts.

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Minority Financial Summit

Economic inequality is a pervasive issue in the United States. Small businesses do not receive the same tax breaks and government bailouts that massive corporations do, but inequality isn’t predicated solely on business size. Statistics show that Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) are at a distinct disadvantage when compared to their white-owned counterparts.


Noticing that many of her clients were struggling to obtain financing, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SBDC Spartanburg Area Manager and Business Consultant Katrina Meeks responded by partnering with several SC agencies to develop and execute the Minority Financial Summit—an online webinar designed to unlock the potential of MBEs by describing funding options, fostering lender relationships and explaining the basics of business financing.

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Get to Know Our Clients
Robert Vaughn_Bluffton Pharmacy_Beaufort Area SBDC_edited.jpg

Bluffton Pharmacy

When Robert Vaughn decided to purchase Bluffton Pharmacy in 2018, he contacted the Beaufort Area SBDC for advice after hearing about it from Melissa Gladden, his sisterin-law and a satisfied longtime client of the SBDC. Business Consultant Martin Goodman worked closely with Vaughn to develop a business plan, forecast financials and secure the funding needed to acquire the business. After working together closely for 22 months, Vaughn finalized his purchase of Bluffton Pharmacy in December 2019. According to Vaughn, over the next few months business was steady and his customer base was growing. When the pandemic first hit in March, Vaughn said he was fortunate that his business, which is affiliated with the health care industry, was not as vulnerable as most.

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