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Learn how the SC SBDC is helping to advance 
African American businesses and their communities.

Ask us. We can help.

Every year thousands of small business owners turn to the SC SBDC for private consulting. Watch our video and learn how entrepreneurs in all areas of business and industry have found success with the assistance of their local Small Business Development Center.

Grow An Existing Business

Your small business
isn't small to you.

Every day is a challenge for an existing business owner. Click here for help with finances, marketing or other day-to-day hurdles of running a company.

SC Small Business Development Centers offer free, private consulting, resources and seminars to help your small business thrive.

Contact us. We can help.

Start a new buiness
Starting a small business
is a huge job.

Its hard to know where to start. Click here and learn how to write a business plan and secure startup capital. Gain knowledge of demographics and regulations in your industry.

SC Small Business Development Centers offer seminars, resources and free counseling that will jump start your startup.

Dream big. We can help.

Access to resources
Searching for new
resources and contacts?


Click here to see if a new business idea is feasible.

Check out ways to make an existing company more productive.

Find new resources and contacts.

Look here. We can help.

In the past 5 years, the SC SBDC network has helped

more than 33,200 SC entrepreneurs
create or retain more than 13,000 jobs!
the startup of 1,000+ new ventures.
$427 million in capital formation.
secure more than $115 million
in government contracts.

updated 2.2.2024

Get to Know Our Clients

thumbnail_Tammy Dease - Beauty Secrets Producs.jpg

Her Success is Not a Secret

Tammy Dease has interwoven beauty, entrepreneurship, and innovation throughout her remarkable 25-year career. She began her journey in 1996 as a hair braider renting space in a small salon. By 2004, she had progressed to leasing a local store in Georgetown, founding Tammy’s Hair Solutions, LLC. While working as a beautician alongside her tenants, Dease resolved to expand and revitalize her business, envisioning a multi-purpose commercial space to accommodate more clients and tenants.

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Government Contracting in the Carolinas

South Carolina and North Carolina collaborate to help small

businesses sell to the government

The South Carolina Small Business Development Centers (SC SBDC) and North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) are pleased to announce a collaboration to help small businesses sell to federal, state and local governments.

Their two Government Contracting Assistance Programs (GCAPs) have more than 65 years of combined experience providing business owners with comprehensive assistance in selling products and services to local, state and federal government agencies.

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