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In the past 5 years, the SC SBDC network has helped

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$284 million in capital formation.
secure more than $1.5 billion
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Greenwood Area Small Business Development Center and Lander University Join Forces to Offer Business-College Connection Program (BCCP)

Greenwood may be known for its mild year-round climate, attractions, festivals and recreational options, but the county also is home to several notable institutions of higher learning and up-and-coming small businesses. It was this later combination of resources that inspired Ben Calhoun, area manager and business consultant at the Greenwood Area Business Development Center (SBDC).

“When I moved here in 2018 to manage the Greenwood Area SBDC, I recognized there was a great opportunity for collaboration between university students and SBDC clients,” said Calhoun.

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True Divine Xpressions

Harold and Julisa White, the owners of True Divine Xpressions (TDX), with support from Joshua and Jordan Dantzler and Ivan Howard, ran a lucrative business creating and selling customized t-shirts, party supplies and party rentals. “Going into 2020, we had a pretty solid business plan; however, there’s some things you just can’t plan for, like a pandemic,” said the company’s co-owner Julisa White.

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Turner Padget

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