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SC SBDC CyberSecurity

One of the largest threats currently facing small businesses is cybersecurity. Small to medium size businesses are particularly at risk because they are viewed by hackers as easier targets due to their general lack of awareness and resources. Furthermore, federal, state and industry regulators have decided that the threats posed by malicious actors in cyberspace must be addressed.


Small businesses can no longer afford to remain unaware of the threats or remain complacent with inadequate technology. They have to take action to enhance their systems, processes and staffing in order to remain viable in today’s online economy.  You are not alone, however. The South Carolina Small Business Development Center network (SC SBDC) is here to help.

Security does not have to mean reduced productivity and increased operational costs. In fact, it can mean quite the opposite. Having a strong security system and policies in place can allow your employees to be far more productive, increasing efficiency and saving on IT costs.

Work with the SC SBDC experts to plan ahead and become "cyber aware." Find an expert near you and access all of our cybersecurity materials. Our consulting services are offered at no fee.

The SC SBDC Cybersecurity Team


Sherry Pittinger
Specialist and USAF
veteran serving the 
Upstate region

Sherry Pittinger 2022_edited.jpg
John Blomberg.webp

John Blomberg
Rock Hill Area 




Cybersecurity Consultants


Brent Hoover
Aiken Business Consultant

Scott Bellows

Midlands Procurement Consultant

Beth Smith

Columbia Business Consultant

Sherry Pittinger

Greenville Procurement Consultant

John Blomberg
Rock Hill Area Manager  

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