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Veteran and family
Veterans Business Program

Rules of Engagement for the Military Entrepreneur

The dedication and skills acquired through military training form a solid foundation for small business ownership. The Veterans Business Program (VBP) of the South Carolina Small Business Development Centers (SC SBDC) helps active and reserve duty military and veterans reach their potential as entrepreneurs. The VBP offers resources such as free workshops and personalized consultations with experienced small business professionals. Whether retired, deployed, serving stateside or transitioning back into civilian life, the Veterans Business Program is available to support entrepreneurial dreams. Starting a business requires significant planning. The VBP can assist with market research, business plans and required forms and registrations.

Veterans Consultant

Scott Bellows
Business Consultant

Sherry Pittinger
Business Consultant

Martin Goodman

Business Consultant


Deployment Readiness Guide

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Retired Marine Veteran Becomes Thriving Entrepreneur

Retired Marine Veteran Becomes Thriving Entrepreneur

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While the SC SBDC does not offer funding directly, Veterans Business Program consultants offer skilled advice on financial analysis and funding opportunities. Growing a business presents many challenges. The VBP helps with expansions and other efforts to make a small company flourish. Financial auditing, procurement opportunities, record keeping, marketing and market research are some of the many areas where the Veterans Business Program offers assistance in growing a business. Managing deployment can be complicated, particularly for small business owners. Organization is key to effectively dealing with the litany of tasks and challenges. The VBP can help with creating a contingency plan. Should the business remain open? If so, who will operate the company, keep the books and handle financial obligations? Developing standardized procedures will help a small business run smoothly and remain a successful venture in the absence of the primary owner.

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