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The SC SBDC is available to help with disaster recovery assistance from hurricane Matthew.
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Every year thousands of small business owners turn to the SC SBDC for private consulting. Watch our video and learn how entrepreneurs in all areas of business and industry have found success with the assistance of their local Small Business Development Center.







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Its hard to know where to start. Click here and learn how to write a business plan and secure startup capital. Gain knowledge of demographics and regulations in your industry.

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Success Story Archive

14712516_1214062655320747_3304454372073695528_oLighterSide Restaurant: Feel Good Food and Drinks

It’s midday, you’re texting friends, making plans for the evening. Then, someone asks the most vexing question of all time: “Where should we go to eat?” Sound familiar? Okay, let’s increase the degree of difficulty by adding some caveats: you want a “waistline friendly” dining option that won’t blow your budget; a place that’s high on ambiance yet low on attitude; and, finally, a menu that’s packed with options to appease even the finicky eater in your group. Impossible? Not if you’re lucky enough to live in Hartsville, SC.

Thanks to co-owners Catrina and John Houston Penny III, health conscious foodies in that neck of the woods are consumed with LighterSide, a new restaurant that’s the real deal when it comes to palette pleasing, nutritious dining. From the moment you cross its threshold, alluring aromas from the kitchen beckon. A server passes, carrying tantalizing entrees to nearby diners; you do a double take, the food looks delicious. You think to yourself: “This can’t possibly be healthy dining. I must have the wrong address.” Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. You’re at LighterSide, a restaurant that serves vintage dishes with a nutritious twist. Whatever you order, the clever chefs at LighterSide have reinvented recipes to reduce excess calories, fat, sugar and carbs.

LighterSide made its debut in October 2016 with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by a crowd of discerning diners. To fully appreciate the hard work and tenacity it takes to open a new restaura



News Archive

13151933_919564131488033_1729600585858766778_nSBDC Social Media Training Steers Business Owners in the Right Direction

In days of yore, businesses relied on paid advertising (print, broadcast, outdoor), direct mail, trade shows, websites, etc., to promote their brand and generate sales. These tactics, however, were costly, labor intensive, time-consuming and, most notably, risky. A liberal budget and a hefty marketing staff didn’t guarantee success; in fact, companies could expend considerable resources on campaigns that yielded lackluster results.

Fast forward to the 21st century and a dramatically altered marketing landscape appears. Today, the province of marketing is expansive and significantly more accessible. Underpinning this transformation: Web 2.0, social media, video platforms, blogs, online listings, digital text-based tools (e.g., chat and SMS), apps, etc.–and the list continues to grow at a break-neck pace. This technological evolution, however, has leveled the playing field, placing any business–regardless of size, pedigree or Fortune ranking–on equal footing.

With the aim of steering small business owners in the right direction, the SC SBDC conducts a variety of educational events–often in partnership with community organizations–led by SBDC business consultants or highly-qualified guest speakers eager to share their expertise.

According to Rock Hill Area SBDC business consultant Carol Daly, “The events we conduct are about growth. Whether it’s moving the needle forward on consumer engagement, investing



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