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The South Carolina Small Business Development Centers network has launched a fresh branding direction with a revamped logo design that includes extensions for each center. The network also has a new slogan, website and Facebook page.

State Director, Michele Abraham, sees all the changes as indicative of the new course the statewide network has taken.

“For the logo, we started with the beloved palmetto tree and took our design in a more modern direction,” said Abraham. “The blue in our logo is the color of the state flag and green is the color of money.”

While the network is in the process of implementing the rebrand in its 17 SC SBDC centers throughout the state, the new logo has already proved an attention-grabbing tool.

“We’re getting a lot of positive feedback on the new brand and extensions,” Abraham said. Each center has its own version of the parent brand that includes a vertical stripe on the left side of the palm frond that identifies each location. While centers are geographically indicated by city, each site serves a wide area of the state, sometimes many counties. The extensions promote the reality that SC SBDC centers are community resources available to all.

“Our center in Florence serves seven counties,” Abraham said. “We service the entire state. Our outreach is both urban and rural. Our impact is felt in communities large and small.”

The South Carolina Small Business Development Centers also has a new, recently service marked slogan. “We’re big on small business,” is a simple, yet effective way to relay the core value of the network.

In addition to the updated brand and slogan, the SC SBDC has launched a completely renovated website with a new URL. The domain name is now

“The website has basic documents like business plans and financial worksheets. It includes a location map with contact information so people can find a center near them. We provide free, personalized business consulting and resources such as the seminars we offer statewide,” Abraham said. “We hope our website becomes a relied upon place for small business information and opportunities.”

Even more active than the website is the SC SBDC’s new Facebook page,

“We invite everyone to like our new page and follow along with South Carolina small business news. Every business day we post information on federal policy changes, trends in banking, seminars, networking opportunities, success stories and general information helpful to entrepreneurs,” Abraham said.

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