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“Jordon Construction is a great example of what can happen when a small business identifies an opportunity, studies it, makes an action plan and follows it,” said Sherry Pittinger, an SC SBDC consultant specializing in government procurement. Pittinger should know. She has been working with the Jordon Construction Company (JCC) since 2013, when the nascent general contractor first approached the SC SBDC for assistance with the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) certification application. This signature SBA developmental program exists to assist small disadvantaged businesses seeking to compete for federal contracts. In May of 2014, the SBA approved the Jordon Construction Company’s 8(a) certification. Four months later, the minority-owned company was awarded its first government contract.

Today, with ongoing support from Pittinger and a team of SBDC business consultants, the Greenville-based construction firm has evolved into a thriving enterprise with a portfolio brimming with over 100 government contracts …a number that is constantly growing.

JCC founder and president James Jordon, who is as dedicated to serving the community in which his company is based as he is to growing the company’s bottom line, wanted to sustain the positive momentum JCC had been enjoying. To achieve this, he and his leadership team began honing a long-term, multi-pronged growth strategy: (1) increasing the quantity, scope and dollar-value of its government contracts, (2) expanding the commercial side of its business and (3) building an internal team that shared Jordon’s commitment to delivering superior customer service.

Pittinger, who continued to play an essential role as JCC began the next phase of its development — adding Facility Support Services in addition to general construction work—turned to Greenville Area Manager and business consultant Scott Whelchel for support addressing the client’s ambitious strategic goals.

Whelchel facilitated strategy sessions with JCC leadership in which he served as a sounding-board, identified some of the client’s “blind spots” and offered alternative viewpoints.

“Meeting with the SBDC team allowed us to talk through ideas and opportunities, getting feedback from different perspectives,” said Jordon.

“JCC’s enduring relationship with the SC SBDC epitomizes how the network can benefit established businesses,” said SC SBDC State Director Michele Abraham. “The SBDC offers an expansive range of services to businesses like the Jordon Construction Company seeking to spark another growth spurt, refine their long-term business strategy or make inroads into alternative markets,” she added.

Both Pittinger and Whelchel are proud to have played a role in laying the foundation for the company’s achievements. “It is extremely rewarding to see a business owner like James grow so much. Not just in terms of annual revenue, but as a leader,” said Whelchel. “As an owner of a successful business, James is making a lasting impact on the local economy.”

Pittinger shares Whelchel’s high regard for their client. “Four years ago James couldn’t conceive of winning, let alone managing, multiple government contracts. And maybe at that time he couldn’t have,” she said. “But James was willing to ask for help, take time to plan and follow that plan. Now look where he is.”


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