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Sometimes a guy’s got to adjust for circumstances and find opportunity in struggle. This is what Dr. Michael Addison did in 2008 when the building where his Allendale chiropractic practice was located was severely damaged by a tornado. Dr. Addison’s insurance coverage was not enough to repair the building, which spurred him to search for public insurance adjusters. He found that although there was significant damage, many public adjusters would not take what was considered a small claim (under $100,000).

Unfortunately, sometimes lightning strikes twice. The next year, Dr. Addison’s practice was struck by lightning, leading to water damage and a severe mold, which resulted in the closing of the building. After his first experience, he knew he had to find an independent adjuster to take his case.

After creating a strong relationship with an adjuster in Pennsylvania, Dr. Addison became interested in the field of insurance adjustment. He researched and studied the industry for a year, became licensed in 2011 and started working from his home with two part-time employees.

His new company became Aaron’s Public Adjustment and as he built relationships around the country, he also started to look toward business growth in South Carolina. Dr. Addison sought the help of the Orangeburg Area SBDC for assistance with writing a business plan and planning growth strategies.

“Like many clients, he wanted direction in how to achieve his objectives,” said business consultant Shikara Brown. “We worked together to plot a course of action for him. We discussed goals and processes. The result was a solid business plan that helped him expand the reach of his company.”

Dr. Addison has since opened offices in Orangeburg, Allendale, Moncks Corner (main office) and Florence. He is preparing to open in Spartanburg and Charlotte, North Carolina early 2013. He now has 2-full time employees and a combination of twelve contracted or part-time employees. Dr Addison is poised and successfully aligned to reach his ultimate goal of becoming a global company within five years.

“When I spoke with Ms. Brown, she helped me realize I needed to re-strategize my expansion plans,” Addison said. “I appreciate how much Ms. Brown and the SC Small Business Development Centers are willing to help and how they provide actionable information on a variety of business topics.”

“Sometimes, all a client needs is a little adjustment to their ideas, a slightly different course to help them reach their goals. Dr. Addison was eager to learn how to achieve his goals,” Brown said. “He’s now on track with his expansion plans and the future of Aaron’s Public Adjustment looks promising.”


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