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Consultant Profile: Charles Page

Area Center: Florence Title: Business Consultant Start Date: March 1, 2019

QUESTION: What was your career track prior to joining the SC SBDC network? ANSWER: I spent my entire career in the banking industry, gaining experience on both the retail (consumer) area as well as the commercial (business) area of the bank. It was a great opportunity assisting business owners start or grow their business.

QUESTION: What motivated you to become an SC SBDC consultant? ANSWER: After retirement, I found that I really missed the connection that I previously had with the business community. The SC SBDC gave me the chance to contribute once again to the growth of our community.

QUESTION: What is the best piece of advice you would offer aspiring business owners? ANSWER: Be prepared with a well thought out business plan. Then be ready and willing to make changes when needed.

QUESTION: Do you have a particular area of interest/expertise that you offer clients? ANSWER: Having spent most of my career making loans to businesses, I can offer my guidance in preparing business plans prior to making a loan request, repairing credit history and what concerns to look for when buying an existing business.

QUESTION: Since becoming an SC SBDC consultant, what is your greatest accomplishment? ANSWER: It's been rewarding seeing the "I didn't think about that" reactions from clients when you present ideas that they had not thought about.

QUESTION: Why is the SBDC an important resource for small business owners in South Carolina? ANSWER: The SC SBDC is an excellent business resource since it provides a personal contact and partners with different agencies to provide assistance. If we don't have the answers... we can find who does.

QUESTION: What is your favorite part about working for the SC SBDC? ANSWER: I love to see other people succeed. It's rewarding to think that I may play a small part.


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